the space beyond

Spread: one-card pull – What do the gods say to me now? Cards: Mary-El Tarot – XIV Temperance “the shifting story of the world.” the card’s imagery is a tiger, meeting the reader’s gaze, controlling the waves that wash around him. his paw catches a larger wave, his fur bristling outward in the wind. it’s a scene …

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wake up and pray

Spread: Mind/Body/Spirit Cards: from the Little Monsters Tarot – 7 of cups Rx; Queen of Wands; 2 of cups when I pulled the first card and saw that it was 7 of cups, I chuckled to myself a bit. Of course it’s the 7 of cups. As I’m dealing with the remnants of a hypomanic episode, I’m …

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The High Priestess reversed – rending the veil

Today's energies revolve around the reversed High Priestess. In order to talk about this Major Arcana card in reverse, it's first important to talk about her as she shows herself upright. The High Priestess, key II, comes directly after the potent burst of energy by the Magician. Her magic is no less powerful, no more …

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