A compilation of tarot, witchcraft, and words. An online grimoire of sorts, a shout into the void. Anything useful found here is purely coincidental.


I’ve been a practicing witch and diviner for about ten years. Within that time frame, my belief systems have expanded, narrowed, shifted, and morphed into things that now may or may not be recognizable to past me. I’m always in the process of changing and moving and doing, but part of the purpose of this blog is to be a sounding board for myself to figure out where I stand now.

I also happen to be a college student, a mom to three cats (and a snake), an avid d&d player, a voracious reader, a hard polytheist, a witch, a wife, and a myriad of other things. I like poetry and journals and music and plants.


External identity under reconstruction at the moment. Check back for updates.